Experiencing Sicily

Let us take you on a journey of the senses

There are numerous ways to explore Sicily and it all comes down to creating the personal and collective experience that match the purpose of your trip.

Teambuilding and incentive travel

Collective efforts such as sailing and rafting help boost collaboration and team spirit while easily identifying different skills and personalities. Games with self driven quads and 4x4s bring out the fighting spirit and gives an insight into how different people handle stress, winning and loosing. Adventure sports can help overcome fear, while hiking, cycling and horseback riding are great stress reducers. Playing golf enhances brainstorming, troubleshooting and finding innovative solutions. Helicopter tours and island hopping with a yacht are perfect for incentive travel, as premiums and when you want to make a good impression and create fidelity. Team building activities bases around culture, history and the arts help creativity, problem solving and learning whilst or popular “pasta talks” combine a cooking class with a set of questions asked and analysed by experts in sociology to provide a genuine sense of togetherness and integration without constraints.


Sicily is a place of stark contrasts and provides a smorgasbord of different sensory experiences, moods and locations. From super luxurious hotels, to poor rundown neighbourhoods, from colourful folkloristic Sicilian culture to vast national parks, from ancient greek temples to bustling fishing villages, religious festivals, wine harvests, olive oil making, magnificent ruins to baroque opulence, pitch black, moonlike landscapes on the volcanoes to pink flamingos and hand made puppets, from white cliffs by turquise waters to real zombies…Sicily has much more to offer than you can possibly imagine.

Mix and Match

Let us help you tailor-make your trip to Sicily to suit your particular needs. Each place, natural wonder and manmade masterpiece, each mean of transport and type of sport, every type of cuisine and wine tasting, entertainment, accommodation and pampering, every type or artistic and cultural experience…they can all be mixed and matched to create just the right impact.

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Experiencing Sicily

By Land
Hiking by foot, horseback riding, horse pulled cart, climbing, cycling, golf or skiing. By car, quad, 4×4, bus, train, vespa, motorbike, or by limo.

By Air
By helicopter, plane, glider, hang-glider, paraglider, parachuting, base jumping or kitesurfing.

On/in Water
By yacht, sailboat, speedboat, ferry, cruise ship, surfing, paddle-board, paddle boat, body-rafting, whitewater rafting, canoeing, diving, dragon boat, fishing, free-diving, swimming or snorkelling.

Wining and dining

Sicily’s gastronomic delights

Cooking classes, wine tasting, slow food, Micheline star restaurants, street food, private chef, ricotta making, baking classes, traditional non touristic food, as well as teambuilding actitities built around food and wine.

We are many that claim Sicily has the absolute best cuisine in all of Europe. The fantastic climate, fertile soils, altitude variations and fluctuating levels of rainfall, temperature and mineral content in the various regions, has made it possible to grow a very wide variety of vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and legumes, throughout the whole year. In addition you also have the wild growing delicacies, like wild fennel, thyme, salvia, cicoria and asparagus, porcini mushrooms, mulberries, prickly pear “fichi d’india”, figs and capers. The wealth and quality of ingredients is exceptional even by Italian standards. Meat-wise its best to stick to lamb in the spring and wild black boar from the Nebrodi Mountains, unless you are into horse meat, being quite common in some areas. However, when it comes to seafood, Sicily is truly blessed with a rich smorgasbord of fish, crustaceans and molluscs from the 3 seas surrounding the island. Best known are the tuna, sardines, clams, anchovies, swordfish and prawns, with the red prawns from Mazara being an absolute delicacy.

Add to that, the fact that Sicily has been under a myriad of foreign dominations for thousands of years, each introducing new ingredients, planting and harvesting methods, recipes and craftsmanship.

Natural wonders

Shaped by 3 seas and 3 active vucanoes…no wonder


Sicily is overflowing with natural wonders, form Etna, Europes tallest active vulcano, to the salt plains of Trapani, the ancient “stone hedge” style megaliths of Argimusco in the Nebrodi mountains, to the white stone giant staircase “scala dei turchi” near Agrigento, to majestic gorges in Alcantara, Cavagrande, Noto Antico and Buccheri,. The Mangalaviti, the Rocche del Crasto, natural rock formations made from chalk, and the grottoes of San Teodoro. The crystal white beaches in San Vito Lo Capo, inland lakes like the Biviere lake near Cesarò and the Maulazzo lake on the slopes of Mount Soro. Sicilys oldest forest Malabotta, bird sanctuaries with flamigoes, protected marine reserves, volcanic black sand beaches and mud-baths on the island Vulcano, The super active vulcano Stromboli, the worlds oldest chestnut tree, floating pumice stones in Lipari.


The coast

Sicily has the most diverse coastline you can possily imagine

Sicily offers more than a dozen offshore islands, in 3 different archipelagos, and nearly 1500km of coastline on the Ionian, Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean seas with more than 100 beaches. Sicily has beaches, snorkelling and dive sites for every taste. From white cliffs to black beaches, golden sand dunes to caves, round pebble beaches to majestic mountains that drop straight into the sea. From fine powdery white sand beaches and smooth marble slate-like “beaches” to dramatic black lava formations. From packed party beaches to the completely deserted ones….Sicily has it all. With it’s 3 different seas, variating depths and currents, you will get quite a difference in water temperature, but generally, Sicily’s waters remain clean and warm throughout the summer and autumn months. While you see keen swimmers from early April to December, you will find the best swimming conditions from June to early October.


Worldclass golf courses and breathtaking views

Sicily has a a total of 126 holes available for play at five different golf facilities. These range from the homely little 9-hole course at Villa Airoldi in Palermo to the magnificent new 45-hole at the 5 star Verdura resort near Sciacca.
In between these golfing extremes, you’ll find a couple of Luigi Rota Caremoli-designed layouts at Picciolo and Le Madonie as well as two contrasting 18- hole courses at Donnafugata, near Vittoria.
The absolute top tracks on the island are those at the luxury Verdura Resort, where half the fairways from the East and the West courses created a composite championship layout when the Sicilian Open was held here in 2012.
Donnafugata hosted the inaugural competition the year before and its Parkland and Links courses, designed by Gary Player and Franco Piras, form the centerpiece of an impressive five-star resort.

Devotion and celebrations

Sicilians know how to throw a party for just about any reason

There is always some type of celebration going on in Sicily, dedicated to devotion, food, wine or the art and crafts.

Here are some of the most popular festivals not realated to food or wine are:

The most important and glamours of them all is Taormina Arte; which has three branches; film, theatre and music/dancem, offering world premiers and top class entertainment. The spring flower festival in Noto and in Termini Imeresi in early May and in Acireale in April, the carnival in Sciacca and Acireale in February, the Festival of Medieval and Renaissance Music, Trapani in November, on the white powdery beach in San Vito Lo Capo, province of Trapani, in May, there is the kite festival with kites of all types of sizes, materials and construction and flying techniques, including firework-kites and giant kites. Ibla Buskers, the street artists festival in Ragusa in October, medieval games and dress-up in “Il Palio” in the little village of San Martino its the Nebrodi Mountains, in November

Arts and Entertainment

Let us introduce you to Sicily’s creative and music scen

Whether you would like to attend a local event or tailor-make your own, we are here to guide you and help you in all aspects of choosing or designing an unforgettable event. Thanks to Sicily’s rich multicultural heritage you will find a vast array of entertainment, from local music and art festivals and carnivals, to world class exhibitions and rock concert, spectacular opera performances to cosy jazz clubs, modern and medieval theatres, traditional historical puppet shows, mafia drama, open air cinemas, amphitheatres with spectacular views, traditional musicians and dancers, hip nightclubs, luxury lidos with DJ’s..…and heaps more.


What to buy in Sicily

Fashion, Sicilian designers, high end fashion, lace, ceramics, puppets, traditionally painted artefacts, wine, chocholate and olive oil, conserves, pasta, sweets and bisquits, almonds and pistagenuts, dried foods, bottarga


Where would you like to wake up in the morning?wns and villages

Sicily offers accommodation for every tase, budget and sized travel company. From vineyards and farm-stay’s to 5 star hotels and luxury boutique hotels, from private water front villas to castles and monasteries, from small country cottages to world class golf resorts.
We will help you find the ideal place for you and your team, whether it be just for your accommodation, as a venue for your special event, education, team building or presentation or as a location for your photo shoot or film production.

What are you waiting for?