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Whether you would like to attend a local event or tailor-make your own, we are here to guide you and help you in all aspects of choosing or designing an unforgettable event. Thanks to Sicily’s rich multicultural heritage you will find a vast array of entertainment, from local music and art festivals and carnivals, to world class exhibitions and rock concert, spectacular opera performances to cosy jazz clubs, modern and medieval theatres, traditional historical puppet shows, mafia drama, open air cinemas, amphitheatres with spectacular views, traditional musicians and dancers, hip nightclubs, luxury lidos with DJ’s..…and heaps more.

We are happy to help you with bookings, organisation, transport, event design, location and artist scouting, menues and VIP passes.


Top places to visit:

The Greek Theatre

Taormina Amphitheatre

The renowned “teatro greco”, with it’s spectacular views of the ionian sea and mount Etna, was initially born, about 2000 years ago, to accommodate dramatic musical performances and was transformed during the Roman times to make room for hunting wild animals and gladiatorial battles. In the middle ages it was a place of worship and today it hosts various events, from rock concerts, ballet and opera to prestigious events, such as the Taormina Film Festival.

Teatro Massimo

Palermo Opera-house

Ernesto Basile’s six-tiered art-nouveau masterpiece is Europe’s second-largest opera house and one of Italy’s most prestigious, right up there with La Scala in Milan, San Carlo in Naples and La Fenice in Venice. The exteriors are in neo-classical style with influences from Greek Sicilian temples, while the interiors are art-nouveau, with lions flanking its grandiose columned entrance and an interior gleaming in red and gold. It is renowned for its excellent acoustics and holds over 1,300 seats. The venue hosts more than 130 music, opera and dance events every year from September to June.

Teatro Massimo Bellini

Catania Opera-house
Catania’s premier theatre, and the second largest in Sicily, is named after the city’s most famous son, composer Vincenzo Bellini. Sporting the full red-and-gilt fit-out, a spectacular mirror room and great acoustics, it stages a year-round season of opera and an eight-month program of classical music from November to June.

Teatro Greco Romano

Catania Amphitheatre
In the summer period, Teatro Bellini move most of their concerts out in the open, to the more intimate greek-roman amphitheatre with a lovely atmosphere in the warm summer nights, right in the city center.

Teatro Greco

Syracuse Amphitheatre
One of the most important yearly events in Syracuse are the classical plays at the Greek theater in the Neapolis archaeological park. The theatrical performance is staged by the INDA, the Italian national institute for classical drama. This classical tragedies festival is organized by more than hundred years, in fact, the first performance was in the year 1914. Every year thousands of tourists come to Syracuse to attend to the classical plays at the Greek theater. It’s an unique experience to see the actors play the ancient tragedies of Aeschylus, Sophocles or Euripides in the same place where they were played more than 2000 years ago. The classical tragedies festival is organized every year during the months of May and June.

Arena Argentina

Catania Open air Cinema
For local cinephiles, summer means sultry outdoor film nights at Arena Argentina. Head up for mainly cult and art-house flicks, from Purple Rain and Labyrinth to newer releases like Mad Max: Fury Road and The Danish Girl. Warning: films are usually dubbed in Italian.

Teatro di Verdura

Palermo Performing Arts
A summer-only program of mostly opera and popular music (including prolific national and Teatro international acts) in the lovely gardens of the Villa Castelnuovo, about 6km north of the city centre. Adding to the whimsy is a delightful open-air bar that opens during shows.

Politeama Garibaldi

Palermo Performing Arts
This grandiose theatre is a popular venue for opera, ballet and classical music, staging afternoon and evening concerts. It’s home to Palermo’s symphony orchestra, the Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana

Teatro dei pupi di Mimmo Cuticcio

Palermo Puppet Theater
This puppet theatre is a charming low-tech choice for children (and the child within), staging traditional, one-hour shows using exquisitely handcrafted pupi (puppets).

Teatro Pirandello

Agrigento Theater
This city-run theatre is Sicily’s third largest, after Palermo’s Teatro Massimo and Catania’s Teatro Massimo Bellini. Works by local hero Luigi Pirandello figure prominently. The program runs from November to early May.

Piccolo Teatro dei Pupi

Syracuse Puppet Theatre
Syracuse’s beloved puppet theatre hosts regular performances; see its website for a calendar. You can also buy puppets made at the family’s workshop across the street.



Whether you’re after hardcore clubbing, cool cocktail bars, glamorous jazz lounges, or a quiet beer, Sicily’s nightlife has got your back. It’s Mainly Catania and Palermo where it’s all happening but during the summer months also in places like Taormina, Cefalù, Siracusa, Panarea and Modica. Here are some places, but its best to ask us and we will give you the latest updates.

Mercati Generali

Catania Nightclubs

Defying all logic, Sicily’s best night out is found amid mulberry trees and blood-orange groves. Located outside Catania in a former winepress. In summer, the scene moves outside into the palm-shaded garden courtyard. Mercati Generali is the island’s most influential nightclubs.


Syracuse Live Music
This charmingly boho bar and café in the heart of Ortygia, Siracus, is a venue for regular live music happenings in the evenings. The atmosphere is particularly laid-back and welcoming around aperitivo time, when an alternative crowd of locals and ex-pats meet up over wine and snacklets.
Kursaal Kalhesa, Palermo Fusion place
A multi-tasking bar, restaurant, bookshop and concert venue in a restored aristocratic palazzo in the Kalsa district, down by the port, the Kursaal’s upstairs restaurant does Arab-tinged fusion food – but while the downstairs sports a wine bar, where cool young palermitani mix over glasses of Carricante or Nero d’Avola.


Catania Jazz Club
The godfather of Catania’s jazz scene, the Enola Club attracts big-name Italian and international artists to its pocket-sized stage, while also trumpeting new and emerging local talent. Like all self-respecting jazz clubs, it’s a tight squeeze with a fairly nondescript decor, but that in no way diminishes the hot, steamy atmosphere.


Catania Performing Arts
There is always some type of celebration going on in Sicily, dedicated to devotion, food or the art and crafts. The most important and glamours of them all is Taormina Arte; which has three branches; film, theatre and music/dance, offering world premiers and top class entertainment.
Hotel Metropole, Taormina Luxury hotel with jazz nights
Situated right on the main street of Taormina, with uninterrupted views of the sea, have a drink on the terrace in a relaxed luxurious atmosphere while listening to high quality live jazz (During their jazz nights )